Bridging the Gap from Lab to Industry
Our journey from a laboratory discovery at CNRS to a full-fledged industrial solution under the banner of Blackleaf has been nothing short of remarkable. For over a decade, our dedicated team of researchers at CNRS worked tirelessly to unlock the incredible potential of graphene. Through rigorous experimentation and innovation, we exploited this groundbreaking material’s properties and transformed it into a powerful, industrial-grade solution.

Today, Blackleaf stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to translating scientific breakthroughs into real-world industrial applications. With several patents and know-how in our portofolio, we have seamlessly transitioned from the controlled environment of a research lab to the dynamic and demanding landscape of industry, all the while maintaining the scientific rigor that underpins our work.

Join us, and be part of a success story that’s all about turning groundbreaking technology into a tangible advantage for your business.


We produce either a pure or functionalized graphene to respond efficiently to our customer’s needs.
It can be customized in its pristine state or through functionalization, thereby enhancing its adaptability to meet specific expectations in performance. Depending on the final application, we will choose with you the best way to exploit the super properties of our products.


We offer TWO solutions to suit your needs

Two patented application approaches are available for your products: coating and blending.
Explore these versatile options to optimize the performance of your materials.

Discover our patented, innovative coating methods that facilitate the application of a functional graphene “skin” to a wide range of substrates using traditional techniques, such as spraying, dipping, and doctor blading. Our aim is to improve your surface functionality for an array of applications, including thermal management (heat dissipation and heating), electrostatic charge mitigation, energy storage (batteries and super capacitors), EMI shielding, electrical patterns…and more others.
Unlock the full potential of our state-of-the-art graphene solutions for your needs.

Graphene inks

Discover the possibilities with our customizable graphene, designed as a versatile additive for various media such as metals, polymers, minerals, ceramics, composites, textiles. Our goal is to enhance and bolster both electrical and physical properties within a specific matrix. Characteristic areas span from strengthening mechanical attributes, optimizing permeability, providing exceptional lubrication, boosting heat transfer / dissipation performance, and bring anti corrosion properties…

concentrated additives