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You are in industry and you want to seize the opportunity of graphene solutions to improve your performance and your environmental impact?

High quality graphene

BLACKLEAF innovation is based on FLG particles dispersed in water solution which garantees a high quality final product.

High quantity production

BLACKLEAF developped a new, clean and safe way to produce high quantity of graphene at the best price in the market.

Custom solutions

Thanks to our expertise and engineering team, we find solutions for your needs to integrate graphene in your business.

BLACKLEAF’s mission is to change the game with graphene for
a more efficient, responsible and sustainable industry.

Everyday, we are making progress and new discoveries to bring the opportunities of graphene to the world companies thanks to our engineering team and our network. We believe that graphene represents a true answer for a better place to live and BLACKLEAF take on the huge challenge to expand its use to the world.

What we do?

We are focused on helping industry grow its competitiveness and products performances while improving its environmental impact. We bring real solutions to each client’s problems through a deep understanding of their market, products and challenges.

Graphene additives

BLACKLEAF has developed several generic graphene solutions to be used directly by our clients for thermal & electrical conductivity, mechanical properties, lubrication, barrier effects.

Graphene coatings

BLACKLEAF has patented a technology enabling to produce a 100% graphene coating on any surfaces for thermal & electrical conductivity, EMI shielding, lubrication.

Solutions development

Our Research and Developement task force brings real solutions to each client’s needs through a deep understanding of their products, markets and challenges.

What is graphene?

Discovered in 2004, graphene is an allotrope form of carbon. Its remarkable properties could beneficiate other materials once associated with. These include mechanical, electrical, chemical, optical and thermal. Graphene is known to be one of the best materials for its “super” properties. As an additive or a coating it can enhance your material. Discover here the reasons why:

high strengh

200 times stronger than steel
100,000 times thinner than a sheet of paper
Incredibly lightweight: 0.77 mg / m2

Industrial applications: composite materials & alloys— rubber, plastic, aluminium & concrete​.

“SUPER” conductor
high conductivity

Electrically and thermally
10 times more conductive than copper
5 times more conductive than diamond5 times

Industrial applications: longer battery life, semi-conductors​, Composite materials, concrete, coatings, polymers, etc.​

“SUPER” impermeable
high impermeability

Hydrogen atoms cannot penetrate its structure owing to its closed-spaced carbon atoms and the high electron-density.

Industrial applications: filters, water purification, gas storage and hydrogen fuel cells​.

“SUPER” lubricant
high tribological capacities

Low friction coefficient​
Resistance to wear and tear​
Can be used as a feasible solid lubricant ​
or lubricant additive in fluid media ​

Industrial applications: lubricated seals, lubricants​

“SUPER” flexible
high flexibility

Can bend & stretch to​ 120% of original size

Industrial applications: coatings, additives & wearable technologies​
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