Cost effective
graphene solution

BL has developed a new eco-friendly and cost-effective water based-based process for a large scale FLG production based on top-down synthesis technology assisted by a sonication process at atmospheric pressure and room-temperature.

The as-synthesized high-quality graphene admit number of sheets < 6 (Few-layer graphene), low density of structural defects, and low oxygen content.

Typical SEM micrographs of
BLACKLEAF’s few-layer graphene

Typical TEM and HRTEM of BLACKLEAF’S few-layer 
graphene reveals materials with lateral size ~ 6 nm
containing less than 6 graphene layers


The process developed by BL is fully customizable. Additionally, the modulable surface chemistry allows to make recipes in a variety of solvents, polymers, and oils. Concentrations, FLG dimensions, chemistry and functions can be easily tuned and produce in large quantity.



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